TIBCO/ActiveDatabase (ADB) adapter is used to event-enable databases. ADB agent processes can be set up to monitor database tables. Whenever data in a table is updated, the monitoring agent publishes the update as a TIBCO/Rendezvous message. This capability can be used to capture database updates in real-time. In addition, applications can also use ADB in a request/reply mode to query databases using TIBCO/Rendezvous.

The format of the messages exchanged between applications and ADB is well-defined. However, there is no API to create and/or parse these messages. As a result, every application has to develop code for interacting with ADB. This is both time consuming and prone to bugs.

JAAD (Java API for ActiveDatabase) was created with the intent of providing an intuitive, easy to use, and high performance API for interacting with ADB. For more information on getting started with JAAD, see the Getting Started guide. For more details on JAAD see the whitepaper .

The Big Picture

The intent of JAAD is to make development of applications based on TIBCO/ActiveDatabase easy.