Request/Reply Message Classes

Requests are easily created using JAAD. No additional code has to be written to format a request according to the ActiveDatabase protocol. Similarly, response (publications) from ActiveDatabase can be parsed using JAAD.

Synchronous Request/Reply

The most common mode for request/reply interaction between an application and ActiveDatabase is synchronous request/reply. In this mode, the application sends a request to ActiveDatabase and waits until a reply is received or the request times out.

Asynchromous Request/Reply

In this mode, the application sends a request to ActiveDatabase. Instead of waiting for the reply, the application registers a callback method with JAAD. JAAD asynchronously invokes the callback when the response is received.

Request Only

In this mode a request is sent to ActiveDatabase and no reply is expected.

Request/Reply Timeout

A timeout can be specified for a request. JAAD throws an exception if a reply is not received within the specified timeout period.

Multiple Result Sets

A reply or publication from ActiveDatabase typically contains a single result set with zero or more data rows. However, it is possible for ActiveDatabase to publish multiple result sets within the same reply. Each result set contains zero or more data rows. JAAD fully supports multiple result sets.

Rendezvous (RV) and ActiveEnterprise (AE) Formats

A reply or publication from ActiveDatabase can be formatted as RV or AE. The format is determined by the ActiveDatabase agent setup. JAAD suppots both RV and AE formats.


For more details see the whitepaper .